Our video player in detail

We recently updated/improved our patented player. Thanks to everyone who gave us a cheer after this much needed work. Go here for details and use this quick screencast to learn about all the features in further detail. But most importantly, open the player and play about! You can’t break anything and that’s the best way […]

Adolf on Online Learning

It isn’t easy to get people to break bad habits. Think how hard dieting is or stopping smoking. Same with using a textbook to learn or teach English, to learn or teach any language. Language is alive and should be taught through something that speaks, that sounds, that says, that lives and has color and […]

Player Improvements!

We’ve now made some substantial improvements to our patented video player. Thank you to all, the many EnglishCentral members who contributed to making this player into something great and for working with us to get to this point. The new player is a step towards creating an “all in one” learning experience. At some future […]

Luck comes with Practice


Learning a language takes time, patience, consistency. But the more you practice, the better you will get. Also, like these athletes that have practiced so hard, you’ll get luckier and become a winner! Use EnglishCentral every day and all students will get lucky and cross the finish line first like Steve Bradbury winning the first […]

Highly Recommended By Teachers

Data doesn’t lie. Data is truthful and something we can have faith in. Ever wonder about what are the most popular videos on EnglishCentral?  Well, you can find that out easily.  It’s right on our video landing page. However, ever wonder about what videos are most chosen by teachers?  Well, here’s a peak, a quick […]

Teachers: Now it's easier to +add videos

We will be promoting the adding of videos to our teacher’s classes. We think teachers know best and will be making it easier for teachers to create video curriculum for their students. It’s easy to create a class set of videos, video curriculum – here’s a look at an example class – Famous Speeches A […]

Love On EnglishCentral

Love is in the air as Valentine’s Day approaches!  On EnglishCentral we have all the best videos to learn or teach on the timely topic of “Love”. Take a look at what our search gives you.  Also, try our LOVE vocabulary. Just click “WORDS” on the search and then use the playlist (on the right) […]

Tips For Self Directed Learning

Here at EnglishCentral, we encourage YOU the learner, to take control of your studies. You are driving the language bus and know what is best for yourself. Here is a nice presentation highlighting our Top 12 Tips for self directed learning. Some cool videos there too – to get you thinking…. .prezi-player { width: 550px; […]