Features Focus

We are busy getting the Teacher Tools and Class pages perfected for the new teaching semester.

A great way to find out about all the features teacher related or not is through our list of “Features” that we’ve reviewed. 

In addition, the next few weeks, we will highlight all the major features on EnglishCentral. Return here to review them all so you don’t miss out on great tips for using EnglishCentral!

Today we highlight the View Class Page for teachers.

When selecting curriculum for your students, just click on “View Class Page” and see what your class page looks like for your students!





  1. The “view as student” button is only available when in 
    “curriculum”, right? Also, why does the system always ask me if I want to enroll in my own class when I use the “View as student” function?


  2. When will the teacher’s master list of students (school roster) be available so that I can easily find my students all in one place?


  3. We expect the school roster list to be available by the end of the month.  – also, you won’t be prompted any more regarding your class page – we’ve had to make a fix on that! 


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