They forgot us!

This is a cool infographic about different ways to learn a language. But they forgot EnglishCentral! And with us, you don’t even have to get off the couch or ruin the environment with air travel. Just stay home and let the world come to you!

Translations on EnglishCentral – Teacher's Survey

How do you or your students use translation on the EnglishCentral site. Teachers – please take a moment and answer our survey as we decide how to make the translations benefit the students on EnglishCentral the most. Thanks in advance! document.write(“”);


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We get "series" us

You’ll notice on the site, a new way to access videos that are in a series. It’s dead simple, here’s what it looks like. Roll over any video which looks like it is in a folder. Further, on the video detail page, find a menu where you can easily navigate to the next video in […]