Study Idioms On EnglishCentral!

Idiomatic language and “expressions” are often one of the hardest things to master in the English language. Even harder for teachers to teach idioms and expressions! Context is so important for this.

But now you can do it with the amazing video “context” of EnglishCentral. Just click an idiom in the player line and get a description of the idiom. Hear it pronounced. Practice it. It works just like it does for a word you don’t understand.

Try it out in this Anderson Cooper video. He uses quite a few basic idioms. Happy teaching and learning idioms and expressions


  1. Leandro Del Sole says:

    It is a nice ‘feature’ =)
    Idioms always is worth a click to read the definition, even when we already know it.

  2. English Expressions says:

    EnglishCentral is a Japan-based company backed by
    Google Ventures which “aims to become the premier, web-based
    conversational English language learning destination for desktop and
    mobile users.

    english expressions

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