New Tools

We will be busy with a number of teaching related things on the site over the holiday season.

But first on our list is to keep teachers better informed of changes with our Teacher Tools, as be make them stronger and build what you, those in the classes, need. So you’ll notice when you visit your Teacher Tools, an announcement box.

We’ll post up there any changes and direct teachers with helpful tips. Coming soon will be an announcement box teachers can use! Meaning, you can leave a message, link, photo on your My Class page for students.

Additionally, we’ve also launched the My Class sidebar where students and teachers can quickly see the Top 5 students in the class, in different categories of achievement. We think you’ll like that!

Major improvements and our Teacher Tool roadmap:

* upload a banner for your school / class
* view a school roster/list. Move students between classes
* invite teachers to your school and assign teachers to classes
* new and simplified setting of curriculum
* purchase set courses for students, study unit by unit
* Premium content from major publishers and media outlets

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