Translations on EnglishCentral – Teacher's Survey

How do you or your students use translation on the EnglishCentral site.

Teachers – please take a moment and answer our survey as we decide how to make the translations benefit the students on EnglishCentral the most. Thanks in advance!


  1. Teacher Lia says:

    About my preference for the use of translations:
    One of the features I enjoy most is the freedom for the teacher and the student to be able to choose whether to have the translations on or off.
    If you are considering changing this feature in any way, perhaps the teachers could decide whether the students have or have not access to the translations.
    translations are an excellent way for them to understand what is being said and for beginners, it is an essential tool to start building up language resources. Only the ones who have some language can go without transaltion and use intuition, association etc.
    To sum up, I appreciate the scope to choose and adapt to different students, needs and levels by turning this on or off.
    Thanks for all your work,

    Teacher Lia


  2. Anonymous says:


    Thanks for the feedback and you are being heard.

    I agree, it isn’t like it used to be with language teaching – where translations were “Verboten” forbidden. The L1 is becoming a tool that we’ve recognized has a time and place.

    I agree with the flexibility comment but on the other hand – is it really flexible if the teacher only has the ultimate control?  Why shouldn’t both have the freedom and negotiate the use? I’m not saying I believe this but playing devil’s advocate.

    Thanks again.


  3. Teacher Lia says:

    Dear friends,
    Truth be told, I am really happy with the feature as it is. Free for students and teachers to choose what they need. It’s great!
    As M. Montessori said, “Never help a child with a task at which he feels he can succeed.” With the freedom of seeing L1 at his fingertips, student doesn’t need to ask teacher, or feel he doesn’t know what’s going on.
    So yes, in fact, I do agree with you!
    Being posed with such a question I assumed there would be changes in the feature, so I thought that if control of L1 was the issue, then if teachers have control, we cangive that freedom back again to our students if we so see fit. I was trying to read into what might be happening. 🙂

    If your thoughts are going any other way, here goes one other suggestion: we teachers do the translations, which could be in some archive connected to each video, free-for-all to use. The most used translations get points and the points earn the translator some kind of benefit, like an extra seat, or an extra month or something.

    Thanks for your answer… It’s commendable that such a huge site is willing to give immediate personal answers to every member. I love this of the EC team.


    Teacher Lia


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