Listen To Student Recordings!

Have you ever wondered about listening to your student’s work on EnglishCentral?

Well now you can. We are now enabling teachers to listen to their students’ recordings.  It’s marvellous, it’s outstanding, it’s amazing. Here’s how you try it out. (you also can now view what words your students have learned/studied and the history of what videos your students have watched) – view the screencast below.

1. Go to your Reports page and select your class.

2. Select from the reports filter – Speak Points Earned. Hover over the student whose recordings you’d like to listen to. Then select the video you’d like to listen to or the whole student archive of recordings.

 3.  Listen to the recording! Compare the student’s speaking with the original. See the mark ups and what the student had problems with etc….

4. Additionally, you can also see what videos your students watched. (go to Videos Watched in the reports filter and hover over the student name}. Also, see what words your students studied/learned (go to Words Learned in the reports filter).

This tool is amazing and we suggest you might use it well for assessment of students or just sitting down with a student and offering feedback while you both watch / listen.

Enjoy and comments/feedback welcome.

student recording view


  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh the fine details are important! thanks. 

      One idea which will be realized in the future is for you the members reporting errors, typos etc… We’ll make it easy for you!You can appreciate how big a project it is and our error rate is very low – all videos pass through several “human” stages before going live. But mistakes (not errors and that’s the rub, difference for us linguists and language acquisition specialists) do happen. 


  2. Neeraj Dhanani says:

    Fantastic tools guys, just keeps on improving ! My students love the site.


  3. Neeraj – thanks for the encouragement and we hope to have even more dynamic assessment tools for you soon!



  4. I was really looking forward to this feature, but how disappointing to find that it’s only possible to listen to students with premium accounts! As far as I know, this was never mentioned as long as it was being prepared, and still isn’t, even on this page.
    I work in the public school system in France, and we can’t ask students to pay for things like English Central, no matter how useful it is. School has to remain free.
    I really regret your decision not to make this feature available to all teachers, and I hope you’ll change your minds.


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