"Imaginative" ways to use EnglishCentral

Creativity is the hallmark of a good teacher or student. They know how to take “somewhat” dry content and spice it up, approach it from an angle and let it shine much more magic.

Here are 5 creative ways to use EngishCentral. Bet you never thought of these effective ways to harness the power of EnglishCentral!

1. Turn off the sound and pretend to “BE” the speaker.

Instead of recording into a microphone, line by line, mute the sound and on autoplay, try to practice mimicing the speaker. Can you remember all the sentences, some of the lines? Can you keep up with the lines, how are your reading skills?

2. Learn another language.

We have Japanese, Korean and Spanish subtitles. Use these to “reverse learn” and study that other language!

3. Turn off the monitor/projector.

Yes, this really works. Listen to the video and try to imagine the scene, using the language to fill in what the venue might be, who might be speaking etc… Try to guess the title of the video. Then, turn on the monitor or projector and compare your guess with the real thing!

4. Guess the vocab word.

Turn off the screen/projector. Listen to a playlist of a word. Keep playing example sentences until you can guess the word for the playlist. How many guesses does it take you?

5. Describe for your partner.

Play a video. One person watches and describes to the others in the group who have their back turned to the screen. Can you keep up and describe the action accurately, quickly? Change around every minute or so.


  1. Bright ideas, thanks


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