Teacher Tools Update

We have updated the Teacher Tools and appreciate all the positive feedback we are getting! Indeed, the new features make managing your classes and students so much easier. Here are the major highlights. (*note – the next and final update will include listening to student recordings, printing reports and copying class curriculum. Read about it here.)

1. Public “My Class” pages for all classes and groups. Students can visit that page, see their progress towards goals and study the videos you assign right there! Also ENROLL directly on that page. Of course, teachers can still “invite” students from the Manage page, by email. Advertise your Class page and curriculum to the world, using the unique URL. Take a look at this “Famous Speeches” course

2. Setting Curriculum simplified. Select the level, topics and weekly/monthly goals for students (or allow students to select their own), on the teacher My Class page. Select individual videos too by navigating EnglishCentral and selecting the “add to class” icon.

* note, when a teacher selects a level for students, this overrides the student’s own selected level for any videos assigned by the teacher. Individual videos added to a class may be at any level but topic added videos will be filtered by the class selected level.

3. Drop down navigation for Manage | Curriculum | Reports
Simply select your school / class or group and get the information you need!




4. View as a student. A handy way for you to see how your students will see their My Class page.

5. Teachers can co-teach a class. We’ve recognized that some classes need multiple teachers. A co-teacher can join the class by simply clicking “Join This Class” from the My Class page (be sure to be logged in as a teacher!). They will be “pending” until approved by the teacher who created the class.

We look forward to introducing the other fantastic updates to you, in a few weeks time! Our promise is to put teachers first!


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