Updated Teacher Tools Tour

We will soon have our Teacher Tools finalized. Stay tuned, we are just a few weeks away. In the meantime, here is a quick video tour of the Teacher Tools, to help teachers understand the use and power of these tools. It really isn’t that difficult to set up a class, enroll students and use […]

Suggest A Video

Students and teachers alike are both encouraged to recommend videos they’d like to see on EnglishCentral. We always need more eyes out there – finding great videos! In fact, looking at the two most popular videos right now on EnglishCentral, one of them was recommended by a member. Further, on our suggest a video page, […]

Travel Topics

EnglishCentral is a truly international website with daily visitors from over 150 countries around the world. So it is no wonder that we love “travel”! Travel as a topic, learning English by learning about places – is a great way to learn or teach English. Travel the world to a new destination each day! Share […]

Gírias Americanas

Em certos estados americanos, como Nova Iorque, as pessoas falam muitas gírias. Se você não souber fica até difícil compreender o que as pessoas estão falando. Aprenda conosco a seguir algumas delas: Awesome: fantástico Barf: vomitar Big mouth: pessoa que fala demais Blown away: ficar ou estar bem impressionado(a) BF: boyfriend BFF: Best Friends Forever […]

EnglishCentral visits Korea University

Last week, EnglishCentral visited some of the university programs using  EnglishCentral as part of their course of study.  Here is a nice student testimonial from Korea University, one of the top universities in the country. As well, some photos of students using EnglishCentral in their computer lab. We enjoyed our time meeting users and the […]

EnglishCentral goes retail

EnglishCentral is committed to making it easier for customers to get our products.   To this end, we’ve started our first retail “card” product. Purchase the card, enter the code on our payment page and you are set! It is really simple and we’ll be expanding our coupon code system to help customers around the […]

Korea TESOL Conference

EnglishCentral recently attended the Korea TESOL conference in Seoul, Korea. It was a huge success and we send a big greeting to all the teachers who attended our sessions, our fun “after party” at InBetween and who took the time to say hello at our booth. We’ve made a lot of new connections, new friends. […]

"Imaginative" ways to use EnglishCentral

Creativity is the hallmark of a good teacher or student. They know how to take “somewhat” dry content and spice it up, approach it from an angle and let it shine much more magic. Here are 5 creative ways to use EngishCentral. Bet you never thought of these effective ways to harness the power of […]

Costumes americanos

Costumes são coisas peculiares de cada cultura. O que é costume num país nem sempre é costume no outro. Para não cometer gafes nos EUA seguem algumas dicas: Praticando com o EnglishCentral: No EnglishCentral você encontra vídeos interessantes, como este aqui, que ensinam como se portar nos EUA. Gorjetas – é prática comum dar gorjeta […]

Teacher Tools Update

We have updated the Teacher Tools and appreciate all the positive feedback we are getting! Indeed, the new features make managing your classes and students so much easier. Here are the major highlights. (*note – the next and final update will include listening to student recordings, printing reports and copying class curriculum. Read about it […]