Homework: Good or Bad?

A joke.

Student: Teacher!

Teacher: Yes?

Student: Can I ask you something?

Teacher: Sure, go on.

Student: Would you punish me for something that I didn’t do at all?

….. Teacher: Of course not.

Student: Good, I didn’t do my homework!

We know it takes a lot of work to learn a language. Many hours. There aren’t enough hours in the school years to do this. So is homework the solution?

Ben thinks homework is slavery. Watch (below) and listen to his argument. It’s backed by research.

So is there a good reason to use EnglishCentral as “homework”?

We think so – it’s all how you do it. Here are some thoughts and guidelines. We’d love hear what YOU think.

1. Most importantly, communicate to students why and how the homework will help. Why it is important. They have to believe in it, for it to have any impact.

2. Make it highly motivational. Traditional homework doesn’t work because it is terribly boring and demotivating. Further, there is no choice, no student control. EnglishCentral is something students actually enjoy and “want” to do. They choose what they will watch. It is like youtube with the benefit of language learning.

3. Try to do the homework at school! Yes, it still is homework but why not allow students the opportunity to do it at school, in a computer lab? The focus here is on creating more flexibility and less divide between school and home. Maybe even refrain from calling it “home” or “work” and just call it – “practice”. Kids will practice basketball all evening – why not make “learning” that sexy and fun?

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