Lilly – an all time favorite

Learning the names of countries in English, isn’t always easy. But here’s a fun way! Watch Lilly, the baby genius!

Lilly the Geography Genius

I simply love this video and it can be used creatively by teachers and learners alike. Can you copy Lilly and find all these countries on a map. Pause the video and try it before restarting and watching Lilly get the correct answer. Give it a try!


  1. Amazing , way to go and Good luck to Lilly.Avril | 17/09/2011


  2. Hi.
    After a few days I couldn’t open any video and I receive the message of  infinity%  however for many times I’ve entered to my englishcentral account  and I’ve checked it but it dosen’t work.please help me I have a ton of English homework to do… Thank you.


  3. Hi Absolute,

    Yes, Lily is amazing! 

    Sorry to hear of any problems using EnglishCentral.  Can you send us an email to help “at” @englishcentral:disqus .com and we’ll reply asap. Try and give us information about your browser and what you were doing, trying to do. 



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