Flip Out with EnglishCentral!

The Flipped Classroom is an instructional model gaining popularity in schools around the world. Instead of the students learning the “content” and knowledge in class – they do this outside the class watching videos on a computer (or at school in a lab or on a laptop). The teacher’s role is no longer to lecture and teach the whole class. Rather, the classroom time is used to build on the knowledge and learning the students have done through videos. See the info. graphic below for a full description. Also, this page outlines more about the Flipped Classroom.

EnglishCentral as a video provider, is perfect for trying out a Flipped Classroom approach. How would that work for learning language?

1. The teacher assigns videos for the students to watch and learn English.

2. In class, the teacher plans activities that build on the language structures and points of the videos. The students practice what they individually learned by video.

There is no dry lecturing by a teacher, no ineffective teacher centered instruction. Rather, students learn through performance/practice, building on their individualized video learning and preparation.

It is coming to a school near you. Why not learn more and start flipping out with EnglishCentral!


  1. Absolutely! And love the infographic! I stumbled upon it just a few hours ago when searching for links on “flipped classroom” which I have been practising for a while and EC is definitely a sweet add on to what I do, as I am preparing my current issue of my newsletter and wanted to promote this way of teaching.


  2. Yes the flipped classroom encourages students to be active partners in the learning process. Gone is the excuse of “but the teacher is so boring!”. I share English Central with all my students at The English Center in Amstelveen, the Netherlands.


    • Englishcentral says:

      That’s a great way to think of it – no more “boring” . I think an educators job should be partly concerned about how much time students waste at school. There is a Richard Brautigan poem about that – that the teachers could have ridden with Jesse James for all the time they stole from me…

      Thanks for spreading the joy of EnglishCentral in the Netherlands!


  3. David – thanks for this. I love the “guide on the side” as opposed to the “sage on the stage” idea of teaching. If only this was around when I went to school – would have tuned into more subjects instead of just English and geography.


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