Performance First

performance Imagine a world where there was only perfection. Or can you? Imagine a world where people only spoke if they were picture perfect? What would that world be like? I can tell you one thing, it would be awfully quiet.

It’s an important point to consider about learning a language. Risk takers, those who “perform” regardless, are those who best learn a language. They don’t wait on perfection, they just speak as best as they can at that moment. They perform.

There is a Czech saying ” V chybami ucim se”, “By mistakes we learn. (and Czech speakers, please correct me, I’m quoting from memory, Czech being one of my 3 “second languages”). For learning a language, I think we can say, “By performance first, we approach perfection”.

Enjoy this funny video that makes the point very well! And don’t think too much about being perfect, just keep practicing!


  1. It´s “Chybami se člověk učí”. But I admire your knowledge of Czech!


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