Selective Sampling & Vocabulary Levels

Our  new release is a few days old.  We hope you are enjoying it.  Here on the blog, we’ll be highlighting the changes so you might understand them better. Today, we’ll tackle the two most fundamental: Selective Sampling and Vocabulary Levels. 1. Selective Sampling. EnglishCentral still has Basic and Premium features. However now, you get […]

EnglishCentral — agora ainda melhor!

Você visitou o EnglishCentral desde a manhã de quarta-feira? Ainda não? Então vá agora mesmo conferir a navegação simplificada e outras novidades que vão ajudar você a reforçar o conhecimento do inglês que você precisa para o trabalho, hobby, ou viagem, de forma muito divertida!

EnglishCentral – New AND Improved


EnglishCentral is new and improved! We’ve worked overtime putting this together and are proud as punch. We’ll be highlighting the changes and what they mean, here on the blog over the next week. Keep coming back daily. For the moment, set your level and let us do the work. Share our video highlighting the power […]

August Lucky 7 Winners!

We have 7 lucky winners of a whole semester of Premium access. Yes, a whole semester just for liking us on Facebook! The August lucky winners are: Seonmi Yoon Fabricio Adriel Coelho Freire Pavla Gregrova Buhuzu Paluku Noha Alaa El-Deen Bill Tu (Che-Yuan Tu) Nour Elouon Please send an email confirming your registered email address […]

Brasileiros no exterior contam as confusões linguísticas que volta e meia acontecem com quem fala duas línguas

“Acho erros de tradução os mais engraçados, quando brasileiros que moram fora há muitos anos traduzem as expressões/palavras de inglês pro português. Por exemplo, estou me sentindo ‘confidente’ (ao invés de confiante); eu te deixo saber (vindo do ‘I’ll let you know’ ao invés de Eu te aviso).” — Fernanda “Que tal o “pretend” achando […]

Authentic vs Educational


We feel proud at EnglishCentral as being leaders in promoting both “Immersive Language Learning” and also “Authenticity” through our video content. Learners bloom and grow through lots of input that is non-scripted. There are some major reasons for using authentic materials with your students. See a full discussion of them, in the presentation below. However, […]

Super User Awards in Korea

korea superusers

Here are the “super users” of EnglishCentral being awarded. The ceremony was July 29th in Seoul at the Asia TEFL conference. See the rankings page for how many points our top Korean users have got (look under the Korean Learner group)! Sally gives some great reasons why she loves EnglishCentral and how it will help […]