Selective Sampling & Vocabulary Levels

Our  new release is a few days old.  We hope you are enjoying it.  Here on the blog, we’ll be highlighting the changes so you might understand them better. Today, we’ll tackle the two most fundamental: Selective Sampling and Vocabulary Levels.

1. Selective Sampling. EnglishCentral still has Basic and Premium features. However now, you get access to everything, no matter your membership level. Yes, that’s right! We’ll always let you sample premium content and have an open ended sampling model. Try it out, get a limited amount and see if you’ll benefit from it! We are confident that by sampling/tasting our Premium content/features – you’ll be convinced it will help immensely.

2. Vocabulary Levels. Meaning, you’ll self select your level based on internationally recognized standards or the EC levels.  

When you use EnglishCentral, you’ll only get videos and vocabulary at your preselected levels. Teachers, if you select a “level 4” for your students, you’ll also only get Level 4 videos from topics you assign students.

We’ll track your progress as you climb through the levels.  So we recommend you stay in your level and progress up.  Of course, you can always change the level, as you wish.

Levels 1 – 6 basically represents the first 8,000  words of the English language. Get there and you have reached a very good level of fluency!  Level 7 is the vocabulary beyond 8,000+ words and represents an addition 25,000 words of study!

Tomorrow, I’ll detail some more delicious changes you’ll love!  Selecting Favorites and Search Features.

Note one thing. The teacher tools remain the same BUT they are getting  an overhaul as we speak . They’ll be sleak, easy and work like a charm. We are working overtime on them!

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