August Lucky 7 Winners!

We have 7 lucky winners of a whole semester of Premium access. Yes, a whole semester just for liking us on Facebook!

The August lucky winners are:

Seonmi Yoon
Fabricio Adriel Coelho Freire
Pavla Gregrova
Buhuzu Paluku
Noha Alaa El-Deen
Bill Tu (Che-Yuan Tu)
Nour Elouon

Please send an email confirming your registered email address with EnglishCentral to accounts@englishcentral .  Just write – I’m a winner!   We will get you set up right away! If you know them – send them a message that they are winners! Like us and you too could be a winner!

Everyone else, more contests forthcoming + we’ll be starting a scholarship program soon. Remember – lots that is FREE on EnglishCentral, including watching and getting recording feedback on every video!

Check out our new FB page. Lots of updates and featured videos!

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