Teacher Video Report

A very interesting example of how a teacher (at a Korean University) uses EnglishCentral. Lots of good, practical info. for teachers.  We’ll share some more “class in action” video shortly….. [hey, and why not share a video of how you use EnglishCentral? We’d love to hear from you and you’d be helping a lot of other teachers! – just contact us at teachers@englishcentral.com]. Thank you for this Julien!


  1. Great stuff Julien. Was a real blast meeting your super-user students. 


  2. Dovankhoa says:

    Hi there everyone!!!

    I hope you all have had a good time with ENGLISHCENTRAL OF VOA SPECIAL ENGLISH!!!

    This is very good webpage to know and to belong to!!!
    At my era, there was nothing like this to use for learning English.
    Young people are so very lucky to be born in this era of modern technology for the humankind!!!
    I wish I had something like this or similar to this so it could expedite my English study.
    Everything was by hands and by manual ways.
    Anyhow, I had learned English the hard way. But, indeed, I have come a long way!!!

    100% FREE HELP FOR O. S. IN OZ


  3. Julien, I have a practical question in using EC as the final or midterm.  How do you know that it is that particular student who is really earning the points?  Couldn’t they have a friend (not even in the room or even the country) sign in and do the speaking for them?  
    As far as I know (and I could be mistaken) there isn’t a way for teachers to hear what their students have recorded to “spot check” and see if it really is that student doing their own work.


    • Anonymous says:


      We’ll let Julien know about your perceptive comment and he’ll be able to respond.  

      My own thought is that this is always a problem within any educational setting. Trust, integrity etc… The teacher has to use their own sniffer if it isn’t all done in a lab/school settings. 

      That said, there are ways as you suggest, this could be controlled. We are planning an overhaul of the teacher tools, to be out early Sept. After that, next change will be allowing access to all the student’s in progress videos and recordings of those. Probably late Sept. 

      But you raise a good question. This is definitely a problem with independent study. But ultimately, it is for the students own good. If they cheat, they hurt themselves… Let’s see what Julien says. 


  4. Mandy,  My apologies on the late reply…I think with anything online, it is difficult to monitor.  There are two things that help reduce, mitigate cheating:
    1.  I have as many in class lab sessions as possible.  That way, I can make sure everyone is hooked in, logged in, understands the site, and is actually using it.  I can monitor that progress personally, going from computer to computer.
    2. When I set the goals I (have started to) make sure they are stretch goals.  At first, I had no idea HOW MUCH a student could do  in a week.  Originally, I thought 2000 points was a lot, but now I realise that is really just 2 videos, so I adjusted my goal according to the time requirement.  I can view how much a given student has covered by filtering activity by date.  As far as getting a friend to do it, there is a unique difference here, over a regular content-based test.  There is no knowledge acquisition (not including the LEARN section), so it’s not a matter of knowing the material.  It’s practice, practice, practice.  It’s possible, but it would be hard to find a friend that is willing to logon for a student and spend six hours in front of the computer.  Possible yes, probable no.  I can’t say with a hundred percent certainty that there isn’t cheating, but the shear practice load I give the students would likely deter a friend from the time commitment; voice-over for a friend for six hours is not in the equation of “what I will do to help a classmate”.  

    Students, I find, get caught up in the videos and end up in a “just one more” situation, whether it’s watching and speaking an Obama video, or Park Ji-Sung.  Though I may be asking six hours out of the student’s week, it’s time they lose track of  very easily because they enjoy the work.  I  am not asking them to memorize grammar, or dates, or formulas, or anything they can’t visualise or utilise.  English Central lets a user speak in a way that makes him/her feel the situation is authentic and practical.

    I hope that answers your question, Mandy.



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