English is confusing!

The English language has some major challenges for learners.  Of course, the spelling and the lack of a “system”. Words aren’t pronounced the way they are spelled. Do you read that? Have you read that?

And those damn homonymns and homophones! Can you make flour from a flower? Can you lie and lie at the same time?

Then, you have all the idioms – ahhhhhh! Raining cats and dogs? ugh?  Easy as pie?

What about all the “Englishes” – British have got and Americans do have.   Do we snack on chips or crisps?

Let’s not mention all the local variations of the language. A.C.R.O.N.M.Y.S. – they D.M.C. (drive me crazy!).

There’s a lot more that’s confusing about the English language, especially with its words.  English is a borrower, a stealer, of words from other languages. We have no shame! But this borrowing and adopting of foreign words, compounds the confusion.


EnglishCentral tries to help by allowing learners to encounter the words in context. That’s the only sure way to really “grasp” and learn a word well. But still it’s difficult.

Why do we “park” in a “drive” way and “drive” on a “park” way?

Why can we unthaw our frozen dinner and also thaw our frozen dinner. Same result!

Yes, it makes you want to pull your hair out! But keep at it, it all falls in place.  Practice, be consistent, keep at it. You’ll soon see the trees and not just the forest! It’s not too, to, two confusing….

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