Teacher Highlight: Nina from Brno

We are going to do more to feature both teachers and students here on EnglishCentral! Technology can do wonders but at the end of the day – it’s about people. Heads, shoulders, knees and toes…..

I’d like to start by introducing Nina from Brno. She’s been a big supporter of EnglishCentral and we love her “no book”, “speak, speak, speak” approach. Say hello to her on her blog, youtube channel or become a facebook fan. She has some great ideas for both teaching and learning.

Here’s a video she made from one of her students (Lenka) who took her “No Books” course. Nina’s students extensively use EnglishCentral and she credits student progress to EnglishCentral. This video highlights the before and after of the student’s course. Amazing! And we are glad EnglishCentral has been a big part of this.


To end – thank you Nina and thank you all other teachers or students helping to celebrate the “power” of the EnglishCentral way.


  1. Great choice! Nina is considered to be a true innovator here in Czech Republic,
    a pioneer in English teaching.



  2. Marcelamoraes1 8 says:

    Nina, your English Brno blogspot is add to my favorites bar !!! Congratulations, it’s really good! 😉


    • Nina Hanakova says:

      Hello Marcela! I would love to see your blog too! You are always welcome to network with me on FB as well. Nina


  3. Nina Hanakova says:

    Oh, what an honour to be featured on your blog which I try to follow as often as I can! I believe in natural, organic way of learning languages, only supported by books, not driven by them. That´s how I learned English anyways 🙂 I think English Central is a fantastic new service for students of English from all around the world!


  4. English Trebic says:

    There is not a single doubt in my mind that Nina has put together something special for English language learners.  Her “English Without Books” course produced fabulous results in its pilot run.  And I believe that English Central contributed significantly to her students’ amazing progress. 


  5. Brenda de Jong-Pauley says:

    Hi Nina!
    It is so cool that you are the first teacher to be featured at English Central. English Central is absolutely my favorite online learning site. 
    Brenda de Jong-Pauley, TESOL, M.A.
    The English Center
    Amstelveen, the Netherlands


  6. Anonymous says:


    Thanks so much for the work you do and showing teachers a “different” approach. You’re the perfect “No. 1” choice!


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