O poder da repetição

Um post interessante que vale a pena ressaltar aqui no EnglishCentral Brasil: “Todos nos sabemos intuitivamente que para aprender uma lingua, precisamos usar uma palavra, encontra-la em contextos diferentes, muitas vezes. (Pesquisas indicam que talvez mais de 20 vezes!). So assim a palavra se “estabelece” e se torna parte da gente. Nao podemos simplesmente memorizar, […]

EnglishCentral at Asia TEFL in Seoul

Today through to Friday, EnglishCentral will present and have a booth at Asia TEFL. Come say hello and we’ll let you know more about the power of EnglishCentral and what we have in the works. Further, we’ll be holding a special ceremony and dinner for all our special members and “power” users. Special invitees will […]

The Power of Repetition

As a long time teacher trainer and having had the honor to go into many classrooms – the one thing I see missing in most language programs is “repetition” or as we gently term it, “recycling” of content. We all know intuitively that to learn a language, we have to use a word, encounter a […]

Teacher Video Report

A very interesting example of how a teacher (at a Korean University) uses EnglishCentral. Lots of good, practical info. for teachers.  We’ll share some more “class in action” video shortly….. [hey, and why not share a video of how you use EnglishCentral? We’d love to hear from you and you’d be helping a lot of […]

Faltou controle de qualidade!

O cartão de aniversário da foto abaixo tem um erro de gramática. Vamos ver quem consegue achar primeiro? Deixe seu comentário abaixo. Se você não adivinhar, volte aqui em breve para descobrir o erro e aprender com ele ;-).

Resources for Teachers

We have a number of resources that teachers can use to support their use of EnglishCentral in the classroom. Here they are. Just click and find the download in the post. We’ll be updating these shortly, so please return next month too! 1. Getting Started Student Handout 2. User’s Guide 3. Teacher’s Guide 4. Inviting […]

How about a video testimonial?

We are working hard here at EnglishCentral! Excited about some forthcoming changes and want you to be part of that. Please listen to my video request. We’d like you to send us a video testimonial. Just watch the video and hit “Reply”. Record your own and tell us how you feel about EnglishCentral. Send it […]

Vocabulary Quiz Setting

It’s important that students study the vocabulary from the video that is at their appropriate level. Too many hard words in the quiz makes it all guessing and no learning. Too many easy words in the quiz makes it boring, boring, boring. This video shows you an easy way to set the vocabulary at the […]

English is confusing!

The English language has some major challenges for learners.  Of course, the spelling and the lack of a “system”. Words aren’t pronounced the way they are spelled. Do you read that? Have you read that? And those damn homonymns and homophones! Can you make flour from a flower? Can you lie and lie at the […]

Pedindo um hamburger

O jeito errado: O jeito certo: Praticando no EnglishCentral, tudo fica mais fácil :-).