News update

Dear EnglishCentral Members, We are letting everyone know that some users have recently been effected by a problem on our progress server. Due to a technical issue, for a number of hours, student progress was not recorded on EnglishCentral 8.6.2011. between  06:30 GMT and 17:30  GMT  We’ve fixed this and restored the functionality. Also, have […]

Premium Features – The Vocab. Quiz

One of the things we’ve learned from our recent Teacher’s survey is that many of our members don’t know about our Premium features. That is both good and bad. Good because you are getting the benefit of our free features without constant reminders of “pay”. Bad because members aren’t aware of the awesome power of […]

The Video Revolution

Chris Anderson, the curator of TED, talks about how we no longer are part of the Gutenberg revolution but a “video” revolution. The world is dramatically changing as we are able to “face to face” with others around the world. Video is catching up with print regarding scaling – dispersal far and wide. He makes […]

VOA daily news

Voice Of America (VOA) has been helping language learners for years, also helping them keep up with events around the world. Now you can get their daily news updates/reports on EnglishCentral! It is a great service and combination. Get your news and at the same time use the powerful tools of EnglishCentral to help you […]

Thanks for your understanding!

Early this morning, an error resulted in sending many EnglishCentral users a test email in Spanish. We were mortified (adj. – embarrassed, humiliated) to bother our valued users this way and quickly sent an apology email. Since then, we have received hundreds of emails from EnglishCentral users telling us that they understand and that “it’s […]

3 erros comuns que nós brasileiros cometemos ao falar inglês

Learning how to speak TH

Ao se comunicar em inglês, o brasileiro costuma cometer alguns erros que são fáceis de evitar. Veja se você está sendo vítima de algum destes erros, e preste atenção para não repeti-los da próxima vez que conversar em inglês: 1. “Nice to meet you!” Se você acaba de ser apresentado à pessoa, ótimo! Tudo certo. […]