Using EnglishCentral "directly" in the Classroom

I’m a big believer in “sharing” video. Videos are the new “stories” that we might share around the classroom campfire. They are perfect vehicles for prompting language discussion, highlighting grammar/vocab. teaching points and contextualizing language use.

So I hope teachers will use EnglishCentral directly in their classroom if they can and do have a projector/screen.  There are also many great methods for using this streamed video. I’ve highlighted them in this booklet. Full of instant, “do it” ideas for teachers. Enjoy and report back here how you’ve used EnglishCentral directly in your classroom!

I’ll also add – EnglishCentral has the extra bonus of being “ad free” and “busy”. Without ads and other distractions, it allows you and your students to simply focus on the video, the language. Download the ebook here

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