Boston wins! EnglishCentral Wins!

You might not be aware of this but EnglishCentral’s head office is in Boston. So we can’t miss the opportunity to share the joy of the Bruin’s Stanley Cup hockey victory. Life can’t be better!

It’s not easy to win a cup. Like learning a language, it takes not only hard work, persistence and “doing it” – it also takes support and having people behind you. We all need fans. EnglishCentral is a Bruin’s fan and also your fan too. Keep up the great work.


  1. Congratulations! Thanks for your great site, English Central. My English Speaking skill has improved a lot after using your site in a short time. I have decided to write a review about your site. You can check it out here . I hope this article will help new ESL learners know about English Central.


  2. Anonymous says:


    Wonderful!  We are working hard to make a site that many people can easily use and which gives the learner the tools to improve their English. If you ever want to write a guest post, please let us know! 


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