Getting corrective feedback

EnglishCentral isn’t just based on engaging students with current and “fun” content videos. That’s only the half of it. We also are based on some strong research (read this review for the academic treatment) that both supports the need of English language learners to get a lot of language input AND be able to notice language form and especially that of their own spoken language.

Central to this are two notions. That learners “notice” language. Teachers try to get students to do this and so too does EnglishCentral. Learners need to “see and hear” their own speech and also that of other speakers. In a controlled environment they can see the parts (sound/meaning) that make up the language. Second, that learners become self-correcting and get corrective feedback immediately. Learners can compare their own speech to a model and correct. This is the goal of all strong language programs, giving students the tools to become self-correcting and their own teacher.

Here are the features on the player, the features we’ve built in based on strong pedagogical research and principles.

Hear Again: Hear the video recording again.  “Notice” the spoken language.

Hear Slower: Hear the recording slower. Monitor and focus on the  pronunciation of individual  sounds.

Hear Myself: Listen to yourself and “notice” the language and your own spoken form.

Compare: Listen to the recording and then yourself. Compare and notice the differences in pronunciation and prosody (tone, stress, rhythm .)

It’s so important to record your voice! So don’t be shy, nobody’s listening! Get recording and EnglishCentral as you record enough lines, will tell you about your specific pronunciation weaknesses and give you video content to help correct this. Plus, you’ll become a self correcting and “noticing” language learner!

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