Premium Features – The Vocab. Quiz

One of the things we’ve learned from our recent Teacher’s survey is that many of our members don’t know about our Premium features. That is both good and bad. Good because you are getting the benefit of our free features without constant reminders of “pay”. Bad because members aren’t aware of the awesome power of our Premium features. None more powerful than our video based quizzes.

Each video has a related quiz. We use our custom technology to draw out the main vocabulary words. We then put them into our unique Master | Learned | Missed system of delivery. You’ll learn words in different “video” contexts and also be presented with the word in different styled prompts. This ensures you really understand the word. It is truly a boon for any student who wants to increase their vocabulary significantly – especially those taking any type of tests (TOEIC / TOEFL etc…) which demand this type of word mastery.

Tip: For any video, use the word slider to adjust the word difficulty of the quiz (click “Featured Words” on the video page and you’ll see it). This allows you to study only higher level vocab or easier vocab. An amazing personalization feature!


  1. How can I add my own words to learn with your videos and methods?


    • Anonymous says:


      Add your own words by recording your voice. Simply click the microphone/record button. You’ll need a headset to do this but you will be helped by EnglishCentral!


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