The Video Revolution

Chris Anderson, the curator of TED, talks about how we no longer are part of the Gutenberg revolution but a “video” revolution. The world is dramatically changing as we are able to “face to face” with others around the world. Video is catching up with print regarding scaling – dispersal far and wide.

He makes two important points:

1. Online video is an ancient art form. It allows for “pragmatic”, non verbal communication.

2. The future is many to many with video. We are all teachers.

A wonderful talk and one of TED’s best. It has important implications for EnglishCentral – showing the power of using visual means for context and learning. Showing the need for less top down approaches and a world where we all learn, we all “teach”.

Watch – you won’t be disappointed! EnglishCentral is riding his wave…..


  1. MarcosPorto says:

    I’d  like  to see  all  the  quiz  as   it  happens  with  the  dialogues.

                        How  can  I  do  to  access  the  Quizes.


  2. Anonymous says:


    I think it might be hard to show the quizzes like the video and as “everything”.  The quizzes can be accessed on each video page for the video    Just click “Start Quiz”.   


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