Escrever um blog em inglês pode ser difícil, mas tem suas vantagens

Neste artigo Why “International” Bloggers Have an Unfair Advantage (por que autores de blogs “internacionais” tem uma vantagem injusta em relação aos demais), o autor escreve: You might be the guy from Switzerland blogging about watches, or the lady from Holland writing about cheese. You could be the Brazilian martial artist teaching us Capoeira, or […]

Review EC on FB

“All truths are easy to understand once discovered. The trouble is discovering them.” – Galileo Galilei We are presently getting LOTS of feedback. This is wonderful but we’d like even more! We are consolidating a lot of user feedback onto our Facebook Review page. If you’ve used EnglishCentral either as a learner or a teacher […]

Using EnglishCentral "directly" in the Classroom

I’m a big believer in “sharing” video. Videos are the new “stories” that we might share around the classroom campfire. They are perfect vehicles for prompting language discussion, highlighting grammar/vocab. teaching points and contextualizing language use. So I hope teachers will use EnglishCentral directly in their classroom if they can and do have a projector/screen. […]

Brasileiros no exterior dão as dicas

Quais os erros mais comuns que os brasileiros cometem ao falar inglês? Essa pergunta rendeu muitas respostas interessantes e engraçadas num grupo de brasileiros morando no exterior. Aqui vão algumas das dicas geradas pela discussão: Falar “the unique thing…” querendo dizer “a única coisa…”, quando o correto seria “the only thing” (“único” se traduz como […]

Inviting Students

We’ve been working to make the process of inviting students to your EnglishCentral class, much simpler and transparent. Part of the forthcoming changes include notifications to both teacher / student that they’ve successfully enrolled in a class. Also, the ability to enroll many students at once (just send to a .csv excel file of […]

Entrevista: Bruno Brito

“Minha professora me disse que tive uma melhora significativa no meu vocabulário e pronuncia, então compartilhei com ela o site da EnglishCentral. Ela simplesmente adorou o site e está usando como meio de estudo para outros alunos” ~ Bruno Brito De vez em quando vamos publicar uma entrevista com um usuário do EnglishCentral para integrar […]

Boston wins! EnglishCentral Wins!

You might not be aware of this but EnglishCentral’s head office is in Boston. So we can’t miss the opportunity to share the joy of the Bruin’s Stanley Cup hockey victory. Life can’t be better! It’s not easy to win a cup. Like learning a language, it takes not only hard work, persistence and “doing […]

How we learn "words"

EnglishCentral was a recent sponsor of the JALT (Japanese Association of Language Teachers) 2011 CALL conference. Charles Browne in this video lecture highlights how students learn words and gain “word knowledge” – not just remembering but also knowing about the context in which words appear, the spelling, the sounding and many other things. He offers […]

Getting corrective feedback

EnglishCentral isn’t just based on engaging students with current and “fun” content videos. That’s only the half of it. We also are based on some strong research (read this review for the academic treatment) that both supports the need of English language learners to get a lot of language input AND be able to notice […]

Você está a salvo dos "English blunders"?

“English blunder” é um erro cometido por alguém tentando dizer algo em inglês e por engano dizendo algo diferente. Veja aqui um exemplo bastante engraçado: Pratique toda semana no EnglishCentral para evitar o risco de cometer erros como esse ao escrever ou falar em inglês ;-).