Using Technology for Speaking Practice
Full Screen I recently presented at the National TESOL conference in Korea. My topic was using technology to practice speaking English.


It was directed towards teachers and a bit academic. However, at the end, I highlighted a number of tools (EnglishCentral, first among them) for getting students online and recording their voices / practicing their English).

The main rationale (why) I outline. Production has a lot of benefits for students and we have to get them not only receiving and processing language but actually “dancing” with language by means of producing it.

The world is changing. In order to speak English, students don’t need to spent thousands of dollars for a flight to America or the U.K. + homestay etc…. Online there is a plethora of authentic content with support that achieves the same as immersion. The new moniker of the online student could be – ” EnglishCentral – don’t leave home, use it”

I don’t jest. I’ve been teaching over 20 + years. I’ve studied linguistics and 2nd language acquisition to the nines. You’ll hear so many theories etc…. but it is rather simple. Put students in a situation where they can get authentic input but at the same time, get support and control their output. As I elaborate in the presentation – get CF, corrective feedback. The great language learners are all those who are good at giving themselves corrective feedback and noticing language. Sites like EnglishCentral quicken this process. The feedback is there and prompts the student. Every student can be a great language learner.

Enjoy my presentation and if I bore you – just scroll ahead! If you are a teacher, please see my “Further readings” at the end of the presentation.


  1. elisa vaquero says:

    A magnificent presentation, full of content but perfectly explained. thanks a lot!


    • Anonymous says:


      Thanks a lot and your welcome.  I’m really delighted that technology is actually starting to “work” so that we can now focus on the process and not the tool. Wasn’t like that even 3-4 years ago.   

      I’ll be making some more for teachers in this same format, on a variety of topics. Stay tuned! 


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