Phonemic Awareness

EnglishCentral is not only in the video and word business – we are in the “letter” business. And I don’t mean that old kind of email thing.

Letters are the keyholes that open the door to a whole new cognitive experience. The invention of alphabets made communication possible over vast distances and started the growth of human civilization (along with beer – if you are to believe a recent PBS documentary!).

Here at EnglishCentral, we use letters to show you phonetic pronunciation but also to let you read and improve your reading through subtitles. As you watch the words and listen to the sounds, you are creating “phonemic awareness” and training your brain to make the sound / letter connection for a second language. It is really helpful and with practice will improve your English reading tremendously.

For inspiration – look at this human alphabet as photographed by John Kane. Really inspiring. We are indeed, “the alphabet”.

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