EnglishCentral – an interview.

Our CEO and founder, Alan Schwartz is interviewed by Jeff Lebow of Koreabridge at the recent Kotesol National Conference in Daejeon, Korea. A stellar and engaging interview on the evolution, present state and future of EnglishCentral. A big thanks to all the Kotesol organizers and especially to Jeff for his insightful questions!

Using Technology for Speaking Practice

http://present.me/embed/625/350/421-using-technology-for-english-speaking-practice Full Screen I recently presented at the National TESOL conference in Korea. My topic was using technology to practice speaking English.   It was directed towards teachers and a bit academic. However, at the end, I highlighted a number of tools (EnglishCentral, first among them) for getting students online and recording their voices / […]

User Guides

Here are both the User and Teacher guides for EnglishCentral. Short pictorials to help you register and use EnglishCentral. Download, print out and share – for your reference. Teacher Getting Started      Teacher’s Guide Student’s Guide

Phonemic Awareness

EnglishCentral is not only in the video and word business – we are in the “letter” business. And I don’t mean that old kind of email thing. Letters are the keyholes that open the door to a whole new cognitive experience. The invention of alphabets made communication possible over vast distances and started the growth […]

Body Language

Pragmatics or the non-verbal cues that help us communicate – are very important. They are also language. When we watch videos on EnglishCentral, we get a full “multi-modal” or sensory experience. Meaning becomes clearer as we see gesture, facial changes, eye contact, body positioning/movement etc… In a way, this is how babies learn a language. […]