Translation with a "human touch"

Translation is never an easy thing! Google, one of our supporters, is undoubtedly the world leader when it comes to doing this through “automation”. They are even trying to get it better through youtube CC, closed captioning – now in beta on youtube. However, it is hard to fit human language in all its power and glory, into a bottle. The results can even be hilarious. It’s complicated business, translation. Read in this comprehensive New York Times article, about why so far, we’ve been unable to update the bible to a new “better” translation.

Here at EnglishCentral, our translated material is provided by professionals, ensuring you the best “fit” and translation. It isn’t a science and we can’t always get it right but it will always be a lot better than an automated process. We are learning a lot about language yet it is still so dynamic and infinite in expression, we are still giant steps away from artificial communication. Just talk to this woman and see if a computer can translate and understand your speech! We are still not near passing (in the fullest sense), the Turing test.

So until the day when automated translation is perfected, we’ll be offering you human translation.

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