EnglishCentral adds languages

Our blog now has additional language support. Get translated and native written articles in Japanese, Korean and Portuguese (Brazil). More content will be “blooming” from these blog categories soon!

We aim to better serve local markets and will be expanding our language support in the coming months. Spanish is next up for the EnglishCentral website.

Are you interested in other languages? Here’s a neat game from Sporcle to test your knowledge. Also, try this “Guess the Accent” game and see how you do!


  1. How about Czech? 🙂


  2. Anonymous says:


    Uvidime, buh vi! It is all about priorities. We have a lot of developments going on and rolling out – both with product and the site’s interaction. However, we remain dedicated to giving members as much local support as possible.

    The other consideration is a country by country basis. Do you think that Czech’s would want local language support and it would make a difference? My own inclination is that they prefer an “English” or more immersive experience. But I could be wrong. You are on the ground there. What is your opinion?


    • I think it would be beneficial. My style of teaching is immersion however I am trying to think of everyone here and I think they might prefer it. Is there any way to ask all your users from CZ, like email them for example?


  3. Anonymous says:

     Nina,   Our thinking about language support is along the lines of having it there where we think members would benefit and use it. With Europe, we are taking a less is more approach. I think you agree, many students in Europe probably don’t need full language translation (and prefer your own immersion type learning) but could benefit from having the interface/buttons translated into Czech or whatever language for the site. Would you agree on this? 

    Previously, our forum was for teachers only. We will be announcing that it is open for learners soon. (actually, you can go there now and post/interact as a student/learner) This might be a place to have this conversation and get member’s feelings. http://bit.ly/ilOL4G


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