Tips for Pronunciation Perfection

Janet Goodwin, a professor at UCLA and coauthor of “Teaching Pronunciation”, is a big supporter of what we are doing here on EnglishCentral.

She says, “real English is messy“. “It is so good to have a video where you are able to look with the students at what is going on…“. “It is much better preparation for students.

Our “Listen In” feature allows teachers to do this. Further, students can access their pronunciation profile  (at the top right) and see what phonemes they are weak in. Click on a phoneme and we provide students instantly with a full practice course.


In this video, Janet highlights some tips for both teaching pronunciation and learning how to improve your own. Her students focus on selected “clips” which they try to “copy” throughout the semester. She believes in the power of short video segements for intensive listening and pronunciation practice.

This is what we see as the “force” of EnglishCentral. Making real language accessible and a learning tool for students and teachers alike.

Thank you Janet, lots of useful thoughts!


  1. Thanks for this video! I learned a lot more about pronunciation and will rethink of my old ways of teaching pronunciation to my students. This has indeed been an eye opener. I’m going to use more video segments in my next pronunciation classes.


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