Words – Most frequent in English.

Students and teachers always seem curious about what are “the most important words” in English. We have a fascination with words and their importance, their rank.

When learning English, certain words do seem to occur at a higher frequency and therefore might “seem” more important. But you’d be surprised that most are “function words”, words with little of no absolute or concrete meaning – of, about, with, the, an, it, from, to ….. Test your knowledge HERE before looking at the chart below!

You’ll also be surprised at nouns and what actually are the most frequently occurring ones. Same with verbs. See the charts below or try the amazing Word Count to find out the rank of any word you can think of.

The last word? Every word counts! That seems to be the only lesson. Let’s all use “le mot juste”, the right word for every occasion. That is the core and art of speaking a language fluently! The Vocabulary Courses on EnglishCentral really help in this regard….

Top 100 Words

Top Nouns

Top Verbs

Top 100 school words

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