A video "super" dictionary

What you see on EnglishCentral is just the skin, the surface. There are a lot of people making things happen and a lot of research and analysis. A lot of data getting collected.
Our business is language. Further, the analysis of language through a large “video corpus”. Or you might say a “video dictionary”. We have millions of sentences and words in context that we can drill down into and use as data. Pull up for you to practice on. Our library will allow researchers to look at this language and use that as the basis for understanding how language is acquired and used.

Deb Roy of MIT, in the above talk, really suggests these same possibilities of analyzing massive amounts of language data. Learning about language through technology – the ability to pull from reality, massive amounts of language in context. Powerful stuff.  Here are his son’s first words, as plotted on a graph.

We learn words in context, through deep context. That’s what he’s saying in a nutshell. But more than that, we need to find out how we make those connections, how we relate thing and meaning. The great amounts of data we are acquiring, will help us immensely.

Interested in further reading?

This article gives more details about Roy’s “little” experiment.

Try this research that suggests sound comes before meaning….


  1. Brilliant presentation! Thanks for sharing this. Amazing what techlology can do to show the real wonder in the world. Please make sure this is uploaded in the Japanese blog as well, as this is very encouraging to the audience.


  2. A brillant presentation. Just amazing how technology can show the wonder in the world. Please make sure this is translated and uploaded in the Japanese site as well as it is very encouraging to the audience.


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