The Future of Education – Some Videos

Videos are our business here on EnglishCentral. But it doesn’t just stop with making great content for learning English. We also want others thinking about how education is changing. About how EnglishCentral fits into this new “paradigm” of more self-directed, independent learning. Here are a few videos we’ve collected on the subject, on our Youtube […]

Tips for Pronunciation Perfection

Janet Goodwin, a professor at UCLA and coauthor of “Teaching Pronunciation”, is a big supporter of what we are doing here on EnglishCentral. She says, “real English is messy“. “It is so good to have a video where you are able to look with the students at what is going on…“. “It is much better […]

Words – Most frequent in English.

Students and teachers always seem curious about what are “the most important words” in English. We have a fascination with words and their importance, their rank. When learning English, certain words do seem to occur at a higher frequency and therefore might “seem” more important. But you’d be surprised that most are “function words”, words […]

Learning using Technology

Technology has some good and bad sides – like all things in life. However, for language learning it offers some real power and solutions. 1. It brings context and the real world into the classroom 2. It allows students to repeat and get instant feedback. 3. It helps teachers track and deliver individualized content. 4. […]

The Power of Words

Here at EnglishCentral, our focus is on “words”.  How we use words to produce sound and how we use words to communicate meaning. The French say, “le mot juste”, the right words.  When learning a second language, it is sometimes hard to find just the right word. But we have to try. We’re working on […]

Language "Distance" and learning

The biggest factor contributing to a language learner’s success at learning a second language is motivation. Second is language distance – the difference from the target language and the amount of interference or transfer that can occur. Learning English can be harder or more difficult depending on your mother tongue. Here are some infographics that […]

The World: Who Speaks English?

This week’s Economist had an interesting article about “Speaking English”. Lots of interesting facts and demographics about which countries speak English well and which don’t. Our feeling is that students in whatever country need the opportunity to get comprehensible input and at the same time practice comprehensible output. The output / input idea – at […]

The Origins of EnglishCentral – Alan Schwartz, Founder & CEO

It’s my pleasure to introduce EnglishCentral’s blog to our community. I thought I’d kick things off with a bit of background on the origins of EnglishCentral. It starts with my first job out of college teaching English at a middle school in Guangzhou, China in 1988. There, as a fresh graduate with no teaching experience, […]