EnglishCentral and New Orleans TESOL 2011

EnglishCentral attended New Orleans TESOL 2011 this past week.

It was wonderful to meet many EnglishCentral members and those of the wider TESOL community around the world. We got some great feedback that we’ll be building into EnglishCentral in the forthcoming weeks.

TESOL 2011 in New Orleans was truly a spectacular affair befitting the spirit of “The Big Easy”.  Food, fun, music and of course – lots of talk about how to make language learning better and better.  We led the pack in promoting an effective way to learn English.

We can’t wait until the next one! See you in Philidelphia in 2012! We are certain to have an even better EnglishCentral. Language learners never stop learning nor do we!

If you attended TESOL and saw us – please leave us a comment. We’d love to hear from you.


  1. Good seeing you there and looking forward to using English Central when school starts in April.


  2. Joe,

    Thanks and let us know how it goes. Either here through the blog or by email. We are eager to adapt and build based on teacher’s and student’s needs.


  3. Linda Arsenault says:

    Joe, it was great to meet you. I really enjoyed talking to so many enthusiastic teachers and sharing this powerful system we have built. I was proud to help represent EnglishCentral in New Orleans–hope everyone had as great a conference as we did. We’re in the process of incorporating many of the ideas we got from teachers into our upcoming product releases. More good things to come.

    I may have eaten my weight in oysters over the weekend…guess it will be Philly cheesesteaks next year! 😉


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