Technology and language teaching

Technology is a real benefit to language teachers. Our students are now “digital learners” (a term popularized by Marc Prensky) and they are demanding more and more that teachers use technology like EnglishCentral, in their classrooms.

EnglishCentral is leading the way in developing a platform where educators can blend technology into their regular classroom learning. It can be done several ways:

1. Use EnglishCentral as a “central” part of your class/course curriculum. Project the videos on a screen in class and teach with them!

2. As part of a language lab where students study using the videos teachers assign.

3. As homework and additional requirements for your class/course (but make sure it counts for marks/grades and is “built in”!)

The future IS now. We have to prepare for it and technology, like it or not, will be there in the future. Take a listen to this presentation and ask yourself if you could use technology more effectively to help learners?

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