The Road Ahead

The road ahead. It’s a wide open road for us and we have a lot planned. Part of this blog will be ensuring we keep all EnglishCentral members informed (and participating!) in all developments. Here are a few things coming down the road…… 1. Stronger teacher tools and reporting ability for teachers (in the pipes!) […]

Help us, help you!

Found a video you think would be great on EnglishCentral? Do you know that you can submit a video to EnglishCentral? It’s as simple as clicking the “Submit a Video” button and telling us the url. The team will review the video and get back to you, asap. Also, see the other videos members have […]

What is a word?

One of the trickiest things for us here on EnglishCentral (and for language learners too!) – is in dealing with words. Is a word something which starts and stops like “get”.  But what about “get up”? Is it two words? . It is a difficult thing to really “nail down”.  Watch this short video highlighting […]


EnglishCentral や言語学習者にとって一番トリッキーなことの一つは、言葉と付き合っていくことです。 言葉とは “get” のように文中でただ一つの意味に終始するものなのでしょうか?では “get up” の場合はどうでしょう?二つの単語ですが、二つの意味を表すのでしょうか? 言葉を本当に「見極める」ことは難しいことです。「言葉」についてハイライトしているこのビデオを視聴してみてください。「言葉」とは一体何だと思いますか? — [原文] – What is a word?