Technology and language teaching

Technology is a real benefit to language teachers. Our students are now “digital learners” (a term popularized by Marc Prensky) and they are demanding more and more that teachers use technology like EnglishCentral, in their classrooms. EnglishCentral is leading the way in developing a platform where educators can blend technology into their regular classroom learning. […]

Einstein's Birthday

It’s Einstein’s birthday today! In honor of this collosus, a few quotes from the man. Let’s remember that everything he accomplished was because he believed in himself. He had a lot of mountains to climb and roads to travel but he endured. Remember that as you use EnglishCentral to learn English. Keep at it, have […]

What is a word?

One of the trickiest things for us here on EnglishCentral (and for language learners too!) – is in dealing with words. Is a word something which starts and stops like “get”.  But what about “get up”? Is it two words? . It is a difficult thing to really “nail down”.  Watch this short video highlighting […]


EnglishCentral や言語学習者にとって一番トリッキーなことの一つは、言葉と付き合っていくことです。 言葉とは “get” のように文中でただ一つの意味に終始するものなのでしょうか?では “get up” の場合はどうでしょう?二つの単語ですが、二つの意味を表すのでしょうか? 言葉を本当に「見極める」ことは難しいことです。「言葉」についてハイライトしているこのビデオを視聴してみてください。「言葉」とは一体何だと思いますか? — [原文] – What is a word?