Get More Speaking Points!


When students use EnglishCentral, they really like our “SPEAK” mode.  Many teachers also assign “speak points” as a goal for their students to achieve each week or month. By default, when students use EnglishCentral, they speak the lines with “focus vocabulary” that are in the video. This can be 3 to 5 lines.  This allows students […]

EnglishCentral Brochure

brochure cover

We have a new brochure to share with our wider community. It highlights all that EnglishCentral can do to help solve the problems encountered by schools, teachers and students in regards to English language teaching and learning. Take a look and pass it on – your help in sharing the our revolutionary video language lesson […]

Recent Changes On EnglishCentral


If you’ve recently visited EnglishCentral, you’ll note we’ve made a few changes that will improve the user experience for both learners/students and teachers. Let’s take a look at these and please make a comment here if you have any questions or Contact Us about your concerns/inquiry. 1. A new Video Lesson Browse page Yes, now […]


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