Why use video to learn English? A debate.


Here is an article that appeared in the recent magazine – The English Connection. It is in the form of an email debate between a teacher in Korea, Michael Griffin and David Deubelbeiss, the Director of Education here at EnglishCentral.  A nice read about using video to learn and teach English. Published here with permission. […]

How was ETA-ROC? A post event wrap-up.


The EnglishCentral team just returned from the 21st Annual ETA-ROC International Symposium and Book Fair on English Teaching at the Chien Tan Overseas Youth Activity Center, Taipei. This was the first year that EnglishCentral participated in the event and we couldn’t be happier that we attended.  Throughout the event we heard from parents, publishers and […]

Teachers’ Roundtable At Kotesol


EnglishCentral will be sponsoring a teachers’ roundtable at the Kotesol 2012 International conference in Seoul, Korea.  The topic under discussion is: Using Video in the Classroom.  Sunday, Oct. 21st at 3pm. Room B 168. Complete info. below. There will be some excellent teachers on the panel so please come and add your voice to the […]

Windows 7 Low Volume Problem Fix


There is a problem on EnglishCentral that PC users with Windows 7 and IE 7 or Firefox browsers  may experience: the volume when recording goes very low on videos. It is frustrating but after recording a line, suddenly the volume will become very low. It is actually a problem with Windows 7 and its audio […]

Guess The Pic And Win Premium!

guess the pic 1

Guess what this picture is and you can win Premium membership for a month! Just reply below or on Facebook. We’ll have 5 lucky winners drawn from the correct answers, each week. They won’t be easy and probably not what you think they are. Let’s play!

Changes to SPEAK – now with “Focused Speaking”

focused speaking

We are constantly trying to improve the user experience on EnglishCentral. It is a challenge. To balance the need to motivate learners and keep them engaged with the need for sound pedagogic features so learners can learn English effectively and purposefully.   We’ve done that with a new feature, Focused Speaking we are calling it. […]

Teens and Video


Our teenagers and young adults are learning, experiencing through a visual world. Truly, a revolution is underfoot. Students are learning in a much more multi-modal and interactive fashion. EnglishCentral recognizes this and we are heading where the students are – not trying to lead them in any other direction. Teens have special needs and this […]

Our Apologies


Dear EnglishCentral Members, Our sincerest apologies for the service interruption today, June 15th between 0300 and 1100 EST. It was a consequence of Amazon servers going offline unexpectedly and we have made changes to make sure the site will remain fully functional when this type of event occurs in the future. Read more HERE (click the […]


スクリーンショット(2011-05-29 15.17.46)

EnglishCentral や言語学習者にとって一番トリッキーなことの一つは、言葉と付き合っていくことです。 言葉とは “get” のように文中でただ一つの意味に終始するものなのでしょうか?では “get up” の場合はどうでしょう?二つの単語ですが、二つの意味を表すのでしょうか? 言葉を本当に「見極める」ことは難しいことです。「言葉」についてハイライトしているこのビデオを視聴してみてください。「言葉」とは一体何だと思いますか? — [原文] – What is a word?


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