Learning using Technology


Technology has some good and bad sides – like all things in life. However, for language learning it offers some real power and solutions. 1. It brings context and the real world into the classroom 2. It allows students to repeat and get instant feedback. 3. It helps teachers track and deliver individualized content. 4. […]

Social Media


Social media and users sharing and communicating with each other – in real time, is a powerful event of recent times. We can now connect and help each other. Information flows but also we have control over that flow. This interactive really puts things into perspective. What is happening NOW, online. Mind boggling really. Here […]

Broadband costs around the world

internet costs

The cost and the bandwidth of the internet varies considerably around the world. This has a significant impact on how many and who learns online. It really does. Here’s a nice infographic showing the different costs around the world. If education is really to flourish online in the future – it will need our governments […]

Technology and language teaching


Technology is a real benefit to language teachers. Our students are now “digital learners” (a term popularized by Marc Prensky) and they are demanding more and more that teachers use technology like EnglishCentral, in their classrooms. EnglishCentral is leading the way in developing a platform where educators can blend technology into their regular classroom learning. […]


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