10 reasons video rulz and the book cools


Previously, I’ve written at length on this topic, on my public blog, comparing the book and the video as teaching / learning tools.  It’s a complex issue. Here, let me lay it on the line and lay out the major reasons why, for language learning and teaching – video is in the ascent and much […]

Move over Gutenberg!


Book are great and I don’t mean to bash them here. However, I want to make the point that the newer generations aren’t reading anymore – they are watching more…. This has a significant impact on how students will learn. EnglishCentral realizes that and our approach IS video. Think of it this way – each […]

How we learn "words"


EnglishCentral was a recent sponsor of the JALT (Japanese Association of Language Teachers) 2011 CALL conference. Charles Browne in this video lecture highlights how students learn words and gain “word knowledge” – not just remembering but also knowing about the context in which words appear, the spelling, the sounding and many other things. He offers […]

The Video Revolution

Chris Anderson, the curator of TED, talks about how we no longer are part of the Gutenberg revolution but a “video” revolution. The world is dramatically changing as we are able to “face to face” with others around the world. Video is catching up with print regarding scaling – dispersal far and wide. He makes […]

The EnglishCentral Player


The player is the core of the EnglishCentral learning experience. It is very powerful and full of features. We want everyone to know about these features and how they can be used. Here’s a nice tutorial by a professor, showing you all of them! Teachers – remember you can also just play the videos in […]

The King's Speech. How things have changed….


Aren’t you glad that you don’t have to do what “Bertie” has to do in this clip?  Technology is enabling some great ways to improve fluency and speech. None better than EnglishCentral which gives personal fluency feedback and also tools for understanding the meaning of the language. We’ve come a long way! Of course, do […]

We've come a long way!


Behavioralism has its place but I’m certainly glad that we developed far beyond this notion of learning! We need automation and instant feedback but we also need a multi-modal and personal aspect towards learning. More context, visuals. More independent challenge that fosters thinking. More content that is what students want and are interested in. Educational […]

Translation with a "human touch"


Translation is never an easy thing! Google, one of our supporters, is undoubtedly the world leader when it comes to doing this through “automation”. They are even trying to get it better through youtube CC, closed captioning – now in beta on youtube. However, it is hard to fit human language in all its power […]

A video "super" dictionary

http://video.ted.com/assets/player/swf/EmbedPlayer.swf What you see on EnglishCentral is just the skin, the surface. There are a lot of people making things happen and a lot of research and analysis. A lot of data getting collected. Our business is language. Further, the analysis of language through a large “video corpus”. Or you might say a “video dictionary”. […]

Learning using Technology


Technology has some good and bad sides – like all things in life. However, for language learning it offers some real power and solutions. 1. It brings context and the real world into the classroom 2. It allows students to repeat and get instant feedback. 3. It helps teachers track and deliver individualized content. 4. […]


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