Custom Courses. You be the author!

air-force-25-nike-id-1Here at EnglishCentral we pride ourselves on how we work closely with schools and teachers.  We daily spend hour upon hour communicating with school programs and addressing the needs of their teaching staff and students.

One vital element in this dynamic is building custom courses for our Academi Premium schools.  We advocate as a best practice, schools creating their own custom EnglishCentral course.  The school knows their students best and using our 1,000s of video lessons as a library, can select to compliment the program’s existing curriculum.   Also select the vocabulary they’d like students to study on EnglishCentral.

It’s a real simple process for our partnered schools. Just send us your syllabus and we’ll recommend videos for each teaching week/unit.  We’ll package them together into our unique video course structure and add to your class page.  As students study in class, they’ll have a complimentary EnglishCentral course unit to study and recycle/learn that week’s content.

This presentation outlines the steps. Also the course-curriculum-template  we’ll need with your unit/video/vocab selections.

create custom course

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